Junior Sailing School

Coos Bay Yacht Club Junior Sailing School

August 2 to the 6th 2022

For Youths 10 to 18 Years Old

Download Registration Page Here

We will be teaching boating and basic water safety, care and rigging of small sailboats, sailing techniques, beginning racing techniques, and basic rules. An end of school race will be held on Saturday, August 6. Classes are held daily 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. The Saturday, August 6, race will start at 11:00 AM with a bring your own meat BBQ, awards and ice cream desert following the final race for all family members.

The Sailing School will consist of several instructional levels of class with a goal of instructing the beginning sailor students with up to three years of previous CBYC Sailing School experience mixed in the same class. Students will sail our new RS Terra. Past Beginning Sailing students should consider themselves for the advanced class if they are confident of their skills or have completed three summers of beginning sailing. The advanced class for 2022 will consist of a variety of racing formats and practice racing. Advanced students will sail a Laser. Daily attendance for the full week is expected.

1. Students must be able to swim well enough to enable themselves to get back into a capsized boat. A basic swim test is required, with wearing a life jacket.

2. All students need a supervising parent or adult CBYC member sponsor present on site who is responsible for entry, information, and supervision during the “on the docks” and “on the water” activities. Any exceptions need to be discussed with the instructor prior to July 15. The sponsor and parent assume all liability for the activities for the student. Parent volunteer instructors or supervisors are needed for specific events.

3. Each student will be required to provide his or her own U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket with a whistle to wear at all times while on the docks and on the water. Students should bring a swimsuit, change of dry clothing, and a dry towel, which should have personal identification attached. No phones, radios or electronic games please! A “shortie (or full length) wet suit” is recommended for warmth, very few are available for loan. Shoes are required to be worn at all times while on the docks. No "free swimming" time is allowed during the lunch break.

5. A $175 donation per sailor with registration for the Sailing School Program is needed to maintain the program. (CBYC liability insurance premium per student for the 5 days is in excess of $144)

6. Class is held rain or shine, only the activities may be modified.

7. Prompt registration prior to July 15, 2022 is needed to enable proper planning for the Sailing School.

8. Sailing school logo tee shirts will be available for purchase with early registration by July 15.